One of my students just made an awesome video talking about his growth as a trader. I had a lot of fun working with Taylor on his recent trip to Florida and I’m thrilled to see how much it’s helped his trading.

Check it out!

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taylorIt can be incredibly helpful to get the intense focus of in-person, one-on-one guidance. For someone like Taylor, who is willing to put in the hours studying and working, it can be a real game-changer. That’s why I’ve created the Bulls Mentorship Program. This program was designed to give students the extra help and guidance they need to hit their trading goals.

Every week, we’ll have a 1-on-1 session. This is time to go over your trades, ask questions, and get individual help on whatever is most important to you. Additionally, we’ll have a group class once a week, where you and the other students in the program can ask questions. Sometimes I’ll teach you a new strategy. We’ll also have an occasional guest

Before the market opens every morning, we’ll spend half an hour talking about my plan for the day. You’ll also have access to an exclusive chat channel where you can ask me questions at any time during the trading day.

Finally, we’ll arrange a time for you and the other students to visit me in Florida, to spend time working on your trading in person. You’ll be responsible for airfare, but food, housing and the rest will be covered for your visit.

If that sounds good, send me an email today and I can answer all your questions. But don’t wait too long, as I have exactly one opening left, and class starts in a week!




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