BullsOnWallStreet Premium Features Explained

BullsOnWallStreet is quickly becoming a top online destination for traders and investors from all experience and portfolio levels.  That’s what makes BULLS what it is today and what it will continue to be – a valued community that welcomes everyone and encourages open communication and collaboration.
As with all communities, BullsOnWallStreet will continue to evolve and move in a direction that best supports its members.  This evening, topvacationspotsx.com got a face-lift and a boat load of new features.  We hope you enjoy version 2.0 of our site and encourage you to provide feedback and offer suggestions for future releases.   The Bullpen (forum) is a great place to post questions and suggestions for the BullsOnWallStreet team.
Below is an overview of the latest Premium features and how we’ve taken what was a simple Twitter application and truly customized it for traders.  The following tools and enhancements were all created with a purpose – allow our members to more efficiently and effectively Research, Learn, Collaborate, and Succeed!
Dynamic Stock Stream ( silver and gold members)
The second you log in to Bullsonwallstreet, you will notice two significant enhancements to the primary twitter feed (see image below)…. both, of which, do not alter your 140 character limit.
1 – Bulls InfluenceOMeter
Simply put, this is a rating system for Twitter profiles.  The higher the rating (taller the green bar), the better.  So, what does this mean to you?
Most likely, you don’t know the majority of the people behind all of those tweets. This features gives you more to work with and helps you answer simple questions you ask yourself every day.. should I follow this person?  Do they know what they’re talking about, etc.?
Every tweet will have a rating, whether that person is a BullsOnWallStreet member, or not.  However, for those who are members of the community, this rating can be heavily influenced over time through testimonials written about that person or how respected their opinions are by other members in the Bullpen.  This will strengthen the community and enable you to make better trading decisions.

Example:  If I have thousands of followers,  great testimonials on my Bulls profile page, and my Bullpen posts have high ratings, I’m going to have a great InfluenceOMeter rating.

2 – Sentiment Icons
This is a great feature for all Premium members.  By using these icons, you’re able to say more without cutting into your 140 character limit.  Only Premium members will see and are able to use these sentiment icons. Each represents a different opinion ( SC – scalp, LT – long term, SW – swing, SP – speculative, and OP – option play).

Example:  Let’s say I’m a Gold member and I want to talk about a chart setup for $DELL.  At the end of pasting in a chart and writing about the setup, I would just click on ‘SC’ then ‘update’.  This would push out the tweet and subscribers would see that you’re interested in $DELL as a scalp.

Example 2: Maybe you like to trade Options.  Well, as a Premium member, you can quickly see which tweets are geared towards option plays  (see first image above for example of how sentiment icons show in the Twitter Feed).

Private High Speed Messages + Email (Silver and Gold members)
Want to get closer to the Bulls team and what we’re trading and watching throughout the trading day?  With Premium Private Messages, you will receive Twitter messages when someone on the Bulls team has a breaking trade idea, news, or announcement.  Only premium members will get this tweet.  At the same time, an email will be sent to you with the same message just in case you’re away from topvacationspotsx.com. See the below screen shot for an explanation of how to identify Private Messages from the Bulls team.

BoomFactory Trading Floor (Gold members)
Share real-time information with fellow members and the Bulls team throughout the day in the Gold level chat room (see screen shot below).  In the Boom Factory, you’ll be able to see who is actively chatting or temporarily inactive (Away From Keyboard).  After a while of inactivity, the profile will drop off the list of active chatters.  Jump in the Boom Factory and let’s talk trading!

The other Premium features do not require screen shots, but are just as equally important to you as a trader.  The Bulls team will be filling the Premium Blog section with detailed setups, stocks to watch, market analysis, and more.  You won’t want to miss out on Premium blogs or Premium TV shows (coming soon).

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about the BullsOnWallStreet Premium features.  If you have any questions, visit the Bullpen or send us a note. 

See you on Bulls.



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