Bulls Trading Challenge: Talent Search For The Next Hot Shot Trader

Trading Bootcamp

For the first time ever, Bulls on Wall Street is doing a trading challenge for our new bootcamp students.

My trading career really took off when I met my mentor, Paul Singh. Trading is one of the hardest ventures you will every try, and it is even harder when you attempt it alone. However, it is also one of the most rewarding. For this reason, we are launching the Bulls Trading Challenge to find the next hot shot trader.

If you are not familiar with our trading bootcamp, here is the schedule for you:

Days 1-30: Live Training Classes

Lead trader Kunal Desai will take you through our full program, four days a week via live web-classes.  Trading DVD’s fail to give you the personalized attention that is necessary to expedite the trading learning curve. Our education will give you the personalized feedback and resources you need to be a career trader.

Days 31-59: Market Recaps + Trade Reviews

The instructors will take you through each trade they took during the market session that day and explain it in detail. This is when you get to see the material you have learned put into practice while developing your own personal trading plan.

Day 60+: Trading Challenge

Students are placed on a trading simulator that mimics real life market conditions. With our guidance, students will trade their plan and upload their trades for feedback. The top performer for the month will win the first ever Bulls Trading Challenge. This person will receive 1v1 mentorship with me, a personal invitation to trade with me in Destin, Florida, and the first ever top performer award as the winner of the talent search.

Mentors are critical to achieving trading success. You don’t know what you don’t know. I have been trading stocks for over a decade, and I have made just about every trading mistake you can make. Instead of making all the trading mistakes yourself, you can learn from my mistakes instead. It will save you from thousands of dollars of trading losses and years of suffering unnecessarily.

The Prize

When you come down to Florida to trade with me, I will give you the personalized attention you need to take your trading to the next level. In-person mentorship has helped numerous of my former students become consistently profitable traders, and I am looking for new traders to do the same with. The trading challenge will show me who is the most dedicated to becoming a consistently profitable trader.

Check out this video to see what its like to trade alongside me in Florida:

Apply to the Bulls Trading Challenge Here.



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