Breakout Stocks 4/22/2010

The market is gapping down a tad if it regains strength after the open  these are some of the stocks I expect to breakout
reits are still catching a bid
me likes
RAS pretty strong stock..I actually prefer accumulating this a tad before the breakout in anticipation of it.  I will continue to add on dips and double up on the break of highs. 
 I bought CPF in the boom factory in end of day 2.63 in anticaption of a gap up and breakout. Still looks good
 ZZ been trading funky….faked out a couple times but if it breaks highs of 4.00-4.05 it could run up to the next level. No longterm resistance till the 5s.  If you notice the action and the size of the candles lately. This stock you might get stopped out a few times before you nail the b/o OR you can just give it a much longer leash and keep your stop loose.
 QLTY, SFN, POZN, PIR are all right there too.
Keep an eye on the rest of the REITS
MPG, BEE, ABR all bouncing off 20dma and should continue higher.
Ive been trading fast lately…I will give a position update a bit later. 



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