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This Is Not For Traders Who:

1) Think they can have overnight success
2) Do not want to put in the necessary work to master trading
3) Think trading is an easy lottery ticket​

This Is For Traders Who:

1) Know you need to learn how to walk before you can run
2) Will commit their time and energy to work through the learning curve all traders go through
3) Want to take trading seriously and treat it like any other job/profession

What's Included In Your 5-Step Trading Kit

Module 1: The Foundation

The first portion of our course focuses around building a foundation as a trader. Understand what it takes to be a successful retail trader, and what to expect as you enter your learning curve.

Module 2: Trading Styles

Stuck between choosing investing or trading? Or even whether you should day or swing trade? In this module we discuss the different types of trading styles out there, and which ones work the best for particular traders, their lifestyle, and personal life commitments. 

Module 3: Technical Analysis

Technical analysis and trading can quickly become overwhelming as there are endless charting and indicator options to choose from, each catering to the style of trading you are doing. In this module, we discuss our charting layouts and trading indicators we have habitually used over our 15 years of trading. We explain what indicators we use, their significance, and how they pertain to our overall trading strategies and setups we trade.

Module 4: Trading Software

Depending on the trading computer, your budget, and what type fo trading you are doing there are a variety of software’s you can use to get the best bang for your buck, and ensure you have everything you need to start trading. We go over charting softwares including Finviz, TC 2000, and TradingView, each with their own pro’s and con’s. 

Module 5: First Trading Strategy To Master

Now that we have understood the foundation to retail trading, the different trading styles, technical anaylsis, and softwares, we can now proceed to teaching you one of our most used and easily learnable setup which presents itself countless times in trading. This setup can work both for day and swing trading, as well as long/short. Understanding this allows you to embrace our system of trading at Bulls on Wall Street, and how you can expand to learn our other trading strategies and setups in the future.

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