Boom Boom Stocks 7/1/2011

Morning folks. Futures indicating flat open so far.  Crazy week in the markets if this was a end of the month window dressing rally then the powers at be sure did a good job.  Lot of people expecting market to fall now that pomo and window dressing is over…..that seems to be a simplistic way to look at the market.  The market has 100s of variables that make it bob and weave having 1 or 2 catalysts does not necessarily precipitate disaster…it could but doenst foretell anything.  Only price pays and till we see the action next week its irresponsible to just make assumptions and rationalize what could happen do to biases based on news and hunches.   So lets see!  We have mounted the 50dma which is nice (even if volume pattern is not so good) Next week should tell give us a glimpse of a life sans pomo.

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