Boom Boom stocks 6/28/2011

Morning folks…  market indicating a slightly higher opening.  spy up .48% so far in premarket going green after being slightly red most of the morning.  Yesterday was a so-so day in the markets..even though the market was up most of the day there were only a handful of good breakouts that showed up.  Overall just looked like a low volume bounce possible some window dressing. I was gone the last hour of the day but looks like we had a slight last hour fade…right now the 20dma seems to be a key resistance zone to keep an eye on this week.  Overall its a start but just that not much to read into it.


stocks im watching



keep ur goto list of china ding dongs out too…some of them might squeeze..  they are a bit hard to time ill keep u abreast intraday

as they dont really have trigger prices they just go when they are gonna go..

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