Boom Boom stocks 5/13/2011

morning folks. Futures gapping up here slightly here with the S&P up .5% or so.  SLV keeps up its wild trading with a 5% move so far this morning. USO (OIL) up about 1.3% and GLD (GOLD) .3%.  Im not expecting much action today as its friday and we dont have much in the way of news.  We had a nice reversal yesterday  with the small gap down you could feel the buyers/pomo/programs all stepping in at once to take advantage.  Its very mechanical and you can see it while im watching my lists and looking at the tickers you can literally feel the thrusts when the buy programs are hitting in very focused spurts.  In the end we can look at news and things like that but in the end the fact is these dips are getting bought and pushed around.  I am seeing some signs of some defensive positioning in certain sectors nothing to special yet but its on my radar to see if that continues as it will be a clue that people are getting out of riskier names.

stocks im watching

here are some reverse split bios like $dara $oxgn $dsco over the years after a bio does a reverse split there tends to be in a certain time period a mega run… get with me if you need further explanation but a lot of traders position into them for it as its a known strategy

i also like appy but not sure where to buy it..will just watch. stocks that have not triggered from yesteday list are still in play



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