Boom Boom Stocks 4/8/2011

Morning folks.  Futures gapping up slightly…again.  Seems like its a daily occurance. The overhead resistance on the s&p is a tough nut to crack.  Its tough to say whether we are churning here or consolidating for a  breakout.   Common sense says the range breaks in the direction of the flag.  We are in a much needed zone to pullback and it would be welcomed by many traders as its hard to really go in to positions with size and confidence when the market has been up for 3 straight weeks.

OIL is gapping up again…im getting a strong feeling we see a smallcap oil run in next couple days. They have been lagging the price of oil for 2 weeks now.  The bids are starting to come in on a few of them.  I think today its go time.

lot of gold/silver/metals stocks still got a chance to go. still like AZC too for a swing.

its opening day today for the detroit tigers! im going to try to trade the open then booking out to get SILLY!!!!! im also taking auditions for my next summer of love since last years was such a disaster Im going to need 2x the women this year!  let me know if your interested! Your pic for mine!



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