Boom Boom Stocks 4/28/2011

Morning folks.  We are looking at a flat to slightly lower open (the best kind) . GLD, SLV both flat at the moment.  USO (old) dipping about .5% so far.  Looks like everything and everybody is chilling ahead of GDP numbers. This is typical as the market is pretty extended. We have been up everyday for 2 weeks straight almost.  Not much to say or analyze at this time..we been on a huge run last couple weeks. Market is at new highs.  I sold off a good chunk of my swing positions yesterday ( i had like 10 ).  Will start reloading them back on dip. Ideally i’d like to see a retest of the breakout spots in the indexes or at least a dip close to it.  That would give us a low risk entry to take on “size”.  Till then I’ll be trading as I always do just a big lighter and with less overnight risk.

some stocks im watching

i also like numerous from previous days blogs.. icog, ttwo, cool mcz etc

CPST LOOKS LIKE A GREAT SWING..its not always a good daytrader but for swing looks nice



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