Boom Boom stocks 4/26/2011

Morning folks great day yesterday in the markets.  It was 10x better then if market ripped to highs. Typically a flat day like yesterday with no gap up after a few green days like we had leads to smallcap run. We saw breakouts yesterday in many stocks while the market consolidated (fun!) .  Today we will probably see a little more of the same.  We had huuuuge winners off yesterdays blog including big winners in $eslr, $feed, $chbt $cedc $jrjc   almost every stock took off.  Fun day in the chatroom we were trading very aggressively to milk the day.

futures looking at a light gap up open SPY up about .3% premarket….GLD (GOLD ) looking flat while SLV is down 2% so far.

market right at resistnace…getting overbought here. any swings i keep overnight are swings that i have a cushion on (where im up at least a few percent) and they are typically partial positions where ive sold profits and just put stop at the buy price. This has been the spot the last few months where we tend to dip or go sideways. So im being cautious of round 3 setting up.

not much else to say the trading has been easy.. there are 5-10-15% trades every couple hours during the trading day when market gets giddy like this. milk it..enjoy it.

here are some stocks im watching

vicl, inve, ct, xoma, cybi all look good too



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