Boom Boom Stocks 4/14/2011

Market sitting right on support mulitple layers.  I still like it above spx 1300.  We are also starting to get oversold shorterm which should lead us to a bounce at some point.   AS of this moment my first inclination is to sell into any bounce as we have been having gap reversal days not for almost 2 weeks.  These gap reversals really suck the life out of the market and traders themselves.  Lot of the plays I was playing yesterday there was such little follow though. Traders selling into every 5 cent spike ruining what otherwsie were good setups.  One thing i did see was a lot of good swing setups showing up on my scans so I view that as a positive.

Im at the airport now so im going to just post the charts..  this boingo charges like 10 cents a minute so no annotations!

TOP SWING PICKS: REDF AND WNR   i sold 1/2 wnr yesterday on gap up then added back 17.40s  im loaded..

it seems to bounce

i got a whole host more…

subscribers i made the watchlist via video blog on the premium site with exact ways on how to play these stocks entries, exits, management etc

p.s just found out boingo is .19  a minute shoot thats how much i love u guys

i will be landing at 9:40 will be at my hotel by 10:30 in chatroom at 10:35 am.



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