Nice close for the markets last week. As has been the norm when you start seeing people talking about loading up the shorts or about hitting that vXX the market comes back roaring to the upside usually sparked by a welltime rumor.  I barely traded last week still did pretty good but the number of trades were down considerable as I was trying to be more selective. When the market gets in flux a bit Ill cut my position sizing and also the frequency of trades to limit my risk.  I find that most of the easy money is made in the first hour of the day anyways especially when market is acting funky. I tend to just sit around and give back gains the rest of the day out of boredom when the market is like that so i tried to chill out a bit!!

I did make it safely to Florida! I will be here till october trying to tan my ass! I stopped in Nasvhille for the night on the way….I had not been in quite sometime but nashville is a great town.  My buddy that i coerced into coming onthis roadtrip with me THE BUTTDOGG pretty much went wild over town and i lost him for a bit and then he preceded to make me stop every 50 miles in Alabama down to florida so that he could vomit. I only agreed to keep stopping since he was passed out reeeking of booze and pulling the dutch oven in the car while i was driving.

 i must say destin is a magical place!

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