boom boom stocks 3/16/2011

market weak.  for now i’d sell into all bounces till it proves itself.  any green is just an opportunity to sell swings. doesnt mean u cant make loads of money..we have been trading quite a bit but they key is to sell into all spikes there is ton of money to be made out there. my partner @urbanryno has hit nearly 20 trades in a row the last few days while the market is straight tanking

check his trades out! unreal

here are some stocks. im watching.  lot of stocks will be just for daytrades

Look for bounce in oil today. lot of oil stocks that we tarde $ssn $lei all been beaten down 50% from highs even though oil has dropped 5 bucks. they are all due for major bounces. they will be most likely reflex bounces but should be big ones.



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