Morning folks…jobs report out…as always everyone expects it to be the big news of the day yet we pretty much always havea mute reaction (boooooooooring). it seems that we added only 36k jobs (which in relative terms is not good as our pop grows 200k a month.) yet somehow our ememployment headline number plunges to a big flat 9%. it would seem the u.s. govt has rounded up hundreds of thousands of our struggling citizens and shipped them off to never never land therefore elimating them from counted job seekers. regardless typically any weakness after the report last year has been rewarded by dip buyers…and any nice gap up is a good spot to unload some holdings. ill be following the same script till it stops working. in the end none of it matters….this market is controlled by cocaine, baptist hookers and “he who has no name”‘s magic Bazooka. The bernanke bazooka who whittled it himself in the molding of a giant phallus shaped weapon









also like $bee, mpg, agro, fig (slight pullback) and a host of other charts im too lazy this morning to post



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