at mardi gras …………….  this is lazy mans post


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this list is hot one of the best ive had for a while.  hit up or the if you got any questions.  if you still cant figure it out that means you need to get in my chatroom as i teach all day to my guys!  have fun tomorrow.  lot of good setups abound. 

@SzAMAN is in charge tomorrow…..u guys will do fine. big willy will most likey call the plays as th5ats just what she does.  have fun tomorrow!  its a bull market you will all be fine tomorrow but just remember if the nasdaq is up 13% this year…if ur trading less then a few mill you should be up 2-6x that.  have fun boys and girls let m know if you need anything.

premium members ill get you a special list with a few of my favs in the a.m before i head out! p.s. im gonna be a sheep tomorrow for mardi gras!  SHEEP-LESS IN SEATTLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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