Fun Day in chatroom! we nailed some great trades in $ctl $hlf $tour got a good gameplan for tomorrow! Im ready!


Got a sweet webinar planned with one of my students and traders inside my hedgefund   . He has made his mark taking what he learned in Bootcamp Class and started to swingtrade focusing on biotech stocks and momentum stocks.  From there he fined tuned what he liked to trade into a really solid daytrading regiment. I have recently backed him with a decent stake of CAsh to trade for me inside my hedgefund! This young canadian has a great story and is a must to learn from!






If you want to learn like these guys that came to my house our next bootcamp starts in a 1 week its a 60 day all intensive course that will take you from A to Z on what we do.  And of course your always welcome to come for summer camp and stay at my house and polish things up when Im at home.

We have our Trading Bootcamp Starting July 27th next month! If you want to learn to trade and then have the opportunity to trade inside our hedgefund  this is a great chance for you. We are looking for our next star student! This is an opportunity to learn to trade over 60 days and then trade inside our fund and use our capital. if you got questions email me





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