[screencast url=”http://screencast.com/t/f4vFDNvJ” width=”” height=””]   happy 4th of July! hope ya’ll had a great holidays! its time to get to work!   Busy week next week! got multiple webinars going on Monday and Tuesday.  Have one with Harsh Patel one of my students who trades in my hedgefund and then with my dear mentor Paul Singh on swingtrading.  He has been on fire this last 2 months in his part time trader service.  Its totally built for those that have jobs and need to be able to trade off smart phones or ipads. In 10-15 minutes a day you will be able to read his daily trade reports make a watch-list and then Paul will alert you live when he is taking a swing-trade.  He will be giving you entries, exits, stops, targets and also updates on the stocks daily.


Here is tuesdays Webinar link!




We are having a free trial on it! Check it out! Part Time Swing Trader Trial 

Swing Trade results  https://bullsonwallstreet.com/trade-journal-results-part-time-swing-trade-report/


Our webinar series continues! This week we are going to have Harsh Patel as our interviewee.  Harsh just graduated from Temple University he has been studying Pharmacy there.  I have known him for a couple years now. Originally Harsh when he was still in college had seen some things about the market online and so he opened an account at a prop firm with 10,000 dollars and no training and just started trading! He joined our chatroom during this time and he had a great eye for stocks I knew he had a lot of potential but he was trading too soon! He had no business going live yet as he had no education and 10,000 dollars in an account with 100k buying power is a lot of cash! As most young traders he was a very wild trader. He would make 500 dollars in a day and feel great and then bam! next day lose 2000!  After Harsh wiped out his account he took some time off and decided to learn the right way with a system and method. He took our Bootcamp class and became one of my best students.  One day Harsh called me up as he had been missing all his payments for his class and told me he used the money for trading and he felt really bad and wanted some advice.  I told him its no problem I am going to open him an account at CliqueFund our hedgefund where we all trade and he can give me 20% of his profits till he pays me back.

And thats all she wrote! From there he became one of our best traders out of 250 at CliqueFund and paid me back and then some and then some.

I love this guys story as he was a total wild man and for a college kid losing 10k in a matter of weeks is a huge amount of money. But he took his losses like a man and accepted responsibility and went back to work  He has some great advice on how to pick up the pieces and make the comeback and he is going to give it all to you guys.

The webinar is Monday 8pm

    http://gowoa.me/i/ZhFG here is tomorrows watchlist!   [screencast url=”http://screencast.com/t/Vb2x0GNm” width=”” height=””]



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