Great trip to los angeles always good to see my bro @sanglucci we had a great time with his team and had a great conference at state of trading!


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Decent day today. Not much out there to trade.  Nip and tucked my way into some profits.  Markets at a tricky spot. We have a jobs report tomorrow that can give us a catalyst to potentially break the range we have been in.


Pretty good April for trades even with market being Nasty.  Im on video all day calling out the plays and giving the alerts.

Trades For April 


Great Webinar by BIG WILLY last week on Intraday Scanning it was hot! check it out!


We have some exciting new developments in our hedgefund where many of our students trade.  If your a sharp hardworking trader email me kunal@bullson.ws we back many of our students with our own capital and always looking to grow the team.  Or ask maribeth in class tomorrow she can go over anything you guys need.


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