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Boom Boom Stocks


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Nice bounce in the markets today. Sadly I took off a bit after lunch as the action was a bit slow figured I would walk around a bit around charleston and see the sites!  Lot of setups ready to take off in this market. WE have been coiling for someitme. Even though the s&P 500 has been pulling back the last couple weeks the Russell2k and Nasdaq have been right near highs and have broken that tells you pretty much what the market things about this government shutdown business.  My trip is over in charleston I had a great time hanging out visiting family & friends. This is one of my favorite cities I have been to its just magical!  Really enjoyed trading with Jay & Chris two of my students. Both of them are super nice guys and good friends.  Chris is already a very profitable trader week in and week out  he runs the blog  its pretty cool and has good stuff for new traders.  He was the def the biggest pain in the ass out of all our students but also one of the 10 best that have come out of the program.


WE had a sick month last month! Here are trades  we teach people how to do this. Regular folks with regular accounts. I dont keep 200k in an account and try to make 500 bucks.  I Keep my accounts small and always moving into the best momentum stocks.

Here are our trades from last week




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