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one of my students jennifer sent me this last week! she said its her good luck charm!


Evening! august is over! as always august as been a tricky month last few years this year was no different.  There was a lot of chop but still a ton of action its been a great trading environment for daytraders.  They key has been waiting for the right moments.  Usually on a given day i might see 20-30 setups and take ten.  Some days this month I just saw a handful on one day then boom you see 20 awesome ones the next day that all break hard.  You just got to be patient and when you see the opportunities be ready to put money to work.  We had a great week last week hitting 25 out of 29 trades



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Even though August was rough for the markets we were very consistent all month on alerts.  Im on video all day calling out the plays and walking people through what i see in the markets and the setups that I see emerging.


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