Boom Boom Stocks 1/26/2012 | Bulls on Wall Street

Boom Boom Stocks 1/26/2012

Evening folks. Market took off today with some real strenght.  WE’ve been having these low volatily grind days for about a week where we just inch up 30-40 points.  Today we dipped a bit again in the open and once again the dip was bought and then we constantly upticked the rest of the day into the Fed.  We had a redhot day in the chatroom with big winners in HGSI, FBN, GNOM AUMN, ELGX, KBH, TIV.  All these trades were 5-20% gainers on alerts …these are the type of days where you really got push the pace and milk as many gains as you can.  Great job by the bengali tiger @szaman catching aumn and hgsi right near the lows of the day getting in them early anticapting the breakouts..guyhas a great feel for when stocks are gonna move.

I after 3 days of being flat in my P&L got back on track with a great day.  Its been so frusterating last few days seeing the market inch up as Im just stuck in neutral.  I know 3 days is not that big of a deal but me going 3 days without making money is like Brad Pitt going 14.5 years without getting laid.  hopefully it sticks into tomorrow.


here is todays video:


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