Boom Boom Stocks 12/2/2011

evening folks!  Great day in the markets.  We were flat but thats pretty bullish in my book after such a monster 3 day run.  We had a lot of opportunities to dip and to see some profit taking but we just didnt get it.  There was still spec money flowing into a lot of  smallcap stocks which is a good sign.  We had an amzing day in the chatroom again!  with  big trades in $jva (last shares sold for 13% gain) $zolt (8% gain)  did take a couple small losses in $achn and $lgf 10-15 cents

If you want to see how we trade check out my trade review on ZOLT it goes over exactly how i traded the stock. entry, exit, setup.


Great Study Session tonight by @mb_willoughby the feedback from members was fantastic! ill have the logs up tomorrow morning.


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