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Evening folks! Crazy day in the markets.  GOLD, OIL, SILVER, SMALLCAPS all were beaten with the dumbstick today.  Oil at one point was down 6% which is very telling it had been holding up and looking bullish through the dips of recent. Today we saw the crack.  The action in gold and silver gave me a sense that people were raising cash and liquidating.  We are seeing O progress by  our commie friends in europe my guess would be that they will be wiling to let things get so bad till “he who has no name” aka master of the universe uncle ben has to bring out The Marshall Plan Part DEUX and print some monies and bail them out again.  We had a great day in chat with some nice shorts in CROx, INHX (thanks bengali tiger) and some nice calls by big willy in RITT , LIVE (BOTH ripped 10% after her calls in less then 20 minutes).  I lost 15 cents on owww i totally mistimed the entry but we had some great trades in FIO (long 22.5), and AMZN (long 175) to close the day.  im holding 1/2 pos of both overnight along with SHZ.


Trade REview LIVE   members here is mb’s trade review setup on live how she nailed for a dollar this morning.  We trade this setup everyday. Its something you have to learn if you want to consistently make money


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