Boom Boom stocks 12/14/2010

Morning folks.  Stocks set for a flat open. Best Buy came out with numbers that were not so hot.  We have a load of other economic data thats coming out some of it that is coming in pretty decent inlcluding retail sales (better than bad basically) We also have fed statement today at 2:15. These are usually non events as they can only say so much but usually on fed days the market chops around all day till that point.  Its a “commision stealing day” for daytraders as the market will be up 20 then down 20 then up 20…..pretty much flat with some mini swings.
Im going to chill a bit as Ive been taking 10 trades a day for weeks trying to squeeze the most possible big big gains I can out of this momo market. I went through over 1k charts and nothing really looked that epic today.  About 2am I was getting some “beer goggles” and they started to look a bit better but not really.  that doestn mean i wont trade as Ive got a ton of strategies I can daytrade news, pr, earnings etc.  But not adding any major swingtrades
some stocks i find ok to play




i also like sify on building a position in it.



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