Boom Boom Stocks 1/19/2012

Evening folks! Another killer day in the markets with the indices up over 1% across the board.  There were hundreds of stocks that moved 4% or higher today indicating a nice broad market rally today.  After an initial morning dip we never looked back. We had some killer trades in the chatroom today (after a morning fakeout in yoku by me where i had to dump it for 40 cent loss)  led by big willy @mb_willoughby she absolutely nailed the entry at the open on $ram hitting it in the 3.81 area then on $amsc in the a.m. loading it up at 4.7 ….then she added more at 5.15 late in the day catching a huge rip to 5.55! she also nailed the squeeze in $cbrx hitting it at 1.29 unloading it in the 1.4s.  The stock was hitting 1.5s after hours….just a killer squeeze.

For some reason I was mostly flat on the day..I got the morning shakeout in yoku where i took the loss then had to rebuy that thing 60 cents higher.  You get days like that sometimes where your just all over the see the market running hot and big willy is in the room just throwing fireballs out there. It makes me very very very angry!

I held overnight JKS, SIFY, LLNW, 1/3 YOKU

Here is todays video


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