Boom Boom Stocks 11/30/2011 | Bulls on Wall Street

Boom Boom Stocks 11/30/2011


Evening folks.  Here is tomorrow’s watchlist.  It will be a wild day tomorrow we have more news coming and downgrades a whole barrage of market catalysts.  It will be important to have both a long and short list ready as its going to be tricky to predict what will happen.  Most likely there will be a ton of intraday volalitily where we will be long at times and short at times.  These days it seems our hold times are only a few hours or less.  This is fine as you have to take what the market gives you and often it only takes 20-30 minutes to make 10% on a stock so the more volatility the better!  


Crazy day in chatroom today we nailed the break on CEDC at 3.80 selling our last shares 4.8s. AONE 2.2 which sold at 2.34 .. oww in 3.16 sold most in the 3.38 range.. then rebought partial at 3.40 (that might have been a mistake!) 

If you guys want to see how i trade these MOMO setups watch the video on my trade in BIOF where we sold our last 1/2 shares for 80% gain.  Crazy market for smallcaps right now!

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