boom boom stocks 11/22/2010

Breakouts were working friday. Market nudging up against slight resistance.  I expect a bit of chop chop till that resolves.  But breakouts and low floats are working again. There will be plays.  Just keep tight as if market reverses hard all the breakouts will get taken out.
futures are indicating a slgiht gap down but nothing of significance. basically a flat opening. Both oil and nat gas looking somewhat perky this morning so keep an eye on them.  
dont chase a gap up on a stock. if it breaks out at the open. let it chill for a second then buy the 2ndary intraday breakout.
Keep SPX 1200 as ur line in the sand. If we can take that out this is a good sign to load up on some plays. Im using Fridays Low as my nearest support to give me pause in market.



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