Mornings folks. Futures indicating a strong opening with a gap up.  Overseas market rallied flooding over to here. Nat gas creeping up toay up 1% (big snowstorm around).  OIL holding steady at 91.00. We got a gap up which makes things a bit trickier to trade. Lot of breakout setups about but with so many economic reports coming out in afternoon…We might fade a bit or chop around while the data comes out and gets digested. These type of days can be frusterating for traders as getting stopped out of daytrades/breakouts is common. Make sure to take the best setups and keep in mind the overall intraday action on the indexes to prevent shakeouts.  2pm we got a trio of reports that will be market movers.  I can sense last few days traders a bit frusterated as market is in a bit of a trading range and every time we look like we are going to dip..a sneaky underlying bid holds up the market. Todays data along with pomo might just take us out of the range and give us a bit more direction.
Some stocks im watching today














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