Boom Boom Stocks 11/18/2010

morning folk.s futures gapping up nicely amid talks of ireland accepting bailout funds. An overseas rally is spilling over to the U.S. market.  The indices are gapping up 1% accross the board. Oil up 1.77% , Gold up 1% or so.  we got our usualy earnings out today along with 3 data points at 10:00 and 10:30. 
We had a girly mans bounce yesterday which tempted people to get $FAZ zzed up.. but todays gap up should give us a run to the 20dma which was former support and now will act as some decent resistance.  We will keep that as the who has teh biggest “sak” line between bulls and bears $spx 1196
Keep yesterdays low as your barometer of nearest support spx 1173.
remember guys its Turkey Season!
metals shoudl go today.  both GLD SLV bouncing off support
as always keep the uranium stocks urre, urz, urg, uec on the daytrading window.  Im loaded on $uec already.
dont chase big gap ups thugh..wait for the right moment.
i also like EXK but its gapped up too high.



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