Boom Boom Stocks 10/28/2011

Evening folks. Here is the watchlist for tomorrow.  Market is a bit extended but when the players want to run the market they will. Extended can get more extended.  Look for dips or consolidation above this 200dma that coul give us the gas to run.  A flat day tomorrow with slightly red gap or flat gap will cause small cap stocks to run bezerko we love those flat days as it becomes a daytraders day.   Stay tight wtih your stops as we are due for a pullback but its all a guess when they come. Probabilities say now…but those get thrown out the window along with common sense when we are in fullblown gorilla stomp mode.

Pardon my raspy voice in this. I lost my voice in Las Vegas and its still not coming back. Not sure if i should be utterly proud that I can still party for 5 straight days without sleep or utterly dismayed that at the age of 30 I still do it!



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