6 Reasons Why Retail Traders Are Blowing Up This Year

Account blow-ups can happen to any trader of any experience level.  Not going to sugarcoat it: It’s one of the most demoralizing experiences you can have. Losing all of your money in your trading account.

I blew up my account 3 times before I found Bulls on Wall Street and learned a real trading process! Consistently profiting from the markets is one of the hardest endeavors you will ever face.

This year in particular, the downtrending market conditions has caused the majority of traders and investors huge headaches. Many retail traders who made a killing last year and in 2020 lost everything this year.

If you know what causes account blow-ups, you can significantly decrease the probability of it happening to you again, and increase the probability of you becoming a consistently profitable trader.

Learn these 6 causes of account blow-ups this year to preserve your precious capital:

1. Over-Leveraged

6. No Trading Edge

Most of the retail traders who made money in the past couple years, and then gave it all back were gamblers, not traders. This means they had no trading edge, no system. They just

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