Big List of sub $5 on Monday Watch

The big list of under-$5-stocks on my watch list tomorrow…

RAD over .98

BPAX testing SMA200 – watching for move through.

GLCH – still on radar because of volume interest.  Testing SMA50

FIG – watch for breakout above 4.  Nice volume last week.

ACLS – watch the bull flag on the daily chart. Could go.

GBG – Watching for move above 2.55 for swing with stop just under.

MPG – nice volume on Friday, but failed to push prices through SMA200 and hold.  Still has a chance.  Watch SMA200, then 2.70

LNG on watch over 2.80

KERX really seems to want 5.25.

EXEL – testing horizontal resistance.  Needs to break through 4.25 for possible long swing.  MACD starting to turn and we may see a positive cross Monday.

BSDM – Seems to bounce off SMA10 pullbacks. Worth watching.

DYP – Big volume on Friday.  This is a scalp setup for me.. If volume continues, I’ll buy in for short term in/out.

NLST – Possible long entry on trendline and SMA20 support.  First target, 3.22.

VLNC – Nice SMA20 support bounce on Friday.  From a scalp perspective, I’m looking for a move above 1.15 and if it gets through 1.20 (next resistance), I’ll start taking some profits in the 1.25 range.  Volume accumulation has been strong lately, so worth a watch.

AEZS – Building a bull flag under trendline resistance with SMA100 support. I like the Full Sto bounce Friday and the overall volume interest.  I might add in this range with stop near 1.20. First target is the trendline .. about 1.30.

GIGM – Symmetrical triangle straddling SMA20.  Looks pretty good for possible breakout to the upside. Target 2.15 – 2.20

ZLC – Nice volume strength Friday.  Now testing horizontal resistance on attempted move to get out of cup and handle. Possible scalp if it gets above with stop just under this horizontal resistance live.

GPK – Now at horizontal and trendline resistance.  Nice volume on Friday with RSI14 bouncing off 50.  There will likely be some long traders on a price move above 3.47 – SMA200.

CHRS – Coiling down on SMA20.  I like the recent volume.  I’ll look to possibly jump in on break out of this triangle.

HEV – Testing horizontal resistance and SMA200.  Watch for break above or failed move. I’m not buying without confirmation first.

ONP – Starting to come back and is attempted to push through trendline resistance and horizontal resistance.  I like an entry above 4.55 with close stop.



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