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For most traders, the weekends are the worst part of the week. Luckily for traders, there are plenty of great finance TV shows and trading movies to unwind with once you are done journaling your trades. We have talked in the past about the best trading movies, but today we will look at my favorite trading TV shows. Here are the best finance TV shows to watch for traders and investors:


Hands down the best trading show out there. Amazing series about a hedge fund manager named Bobby Axelrod, who goes to head to head with US Attorney Chuck Rhoades. The show is based on the legendary trader Steve Cohen and his fund’s legal conflict with the Southern District of New York. You get a sneak peek into the lavish life of a billionaire trader and see what a successful hedge fund looks like on the inside (not completely accurate but you get an idea). You can watch the series with a Showtime subscription. Season 4 starts in April! 

Black Monday

finance TV shows

Very recent show on Showtime about Black Monday, one of the worst days in US Stock Market history. The show is meant to depict (fictionally) what caused the Black Monday crash, which happened on October 19th, 1987. The show is about how a group of outsiders took on the blue-blood, old-boys club of Wall Street and ended up crashing the world’s largest financial system. The show isn’t as realistic as Billions, and it milks the typical finance stereotypes about drug addiction, hookers, ect. It’s meant more as a comedy, but still very entertaining. You can get it with a Showtime subscription as well. 

Traders (1996)

finance tv shows

Traders is an old school Canadian TV show made back in the 90’s about investment bankers in Toronto. The show was made in 1996, and ran for 4 years until 2000. The show is centered around an investment bank called Gardner Ross. It is a small Canadian investment bank that is somewhat profitable but often faces a takeover by a larger institution due to its inability to compete in a global marketplace. It is more of a drama, and similar to Billions, it involves traders with questionable ethics trying to make a lot of money. You can watch all the seasons on Amazon Prime.

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