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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Simple Answers to the Most Confusing Stock Trading Questions

When CNBC pops up during your channel surf, drowning in hieroglyphic symbols and numbers that, allegedly, mean something to someone out there, it’s easy to understand why confusion about the stock market abounds. Inundated with raw data and financial jargon, it can […]


To Trade or Not To Trade? The Essential Information for Trading Stocks

Michael Douglas made quite an impression on eager movie-goers with Gordon Gekko. But while Hollywood’s interpretation of the average stock trader did plenty to titillate audiences, the insidious inside trader did little to enlighten the public to the true nature of day […]


10 Essential Tools for Every Serious Day Trader

Day trading is as exciting as it is unforgiving. Look no further than the millisecond-early release of Fed news that resulted in big bets by futures traders and you’ll understand just how fast the market moves. But futures traders at least have […]


7 Habits of Highly Successful Stock Traders

Hollywood loves a good story. A good story sells tickets. Who wants to see a movie where a well-researched, level-headed day trader makes modest gains with a disciplined investment strategy? In reality, though, renegade trading is more likely to lose money […]


Watch List 07/15/2013

Another green day in the market,S&P-500  ending a solid  week almost 3% gains for the week. Bulls crew also had a great week with over $8K gains so far for the month. If you are interested in trading these low […]


Watch List 07/12/13

Big gap up day in Market after Bernanke’s comment about continued economic stimulus. It has been tricky to play this type over night gap up if you do not have any over night long position. After the first hour of morning […]


7/11 hot stocks

Choppy action in the markets today with the FED announcement looming. The action was a bit sloppy. It appears to be a whole different story after hours though as the futures are ramping on the words of Big Ben after […]


Watch List 07/10/2013

Another up day in the Market as the V shape bounce continues. However , today i saw some choppiness and break out failure on various names.So keep that in mind if you are playing long and break outs. $675 gains […]


Boom Boom Stocks

Nice day for markets. once again we got some early morning strenght via gap and then just dangled around the rest of day even momentarily looking like we were goign to reverse and go red but the dip got bought […]


7/9 hot stocks

Same story today with the markets as last week. We wake up to an overnight gap up and then trade sideways the rest of the day. If you missed Kunal’s market analysis for the week, check it out here. Earnings […]


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