Another update on $NEP and $SYNM..

Okay if you haven’t read my history on $SYNM and $NEP the blog links are below.  If you have ever found yourself in a position of fear — one where you feel like dumping a stock because of a minor dip I highly recommend you read them.   
I *never* recommend taking losses on companies with great fundamentals unless you are a day/swing trader and you’re purely trading for income.  If anyone recommends otherwise then I suggest you get a second opinion from someone smarter.  Read these blogs first:
Next, let’s provide an update.  Today I sold 10,000 $NEP from my trading account, so you’ll notice the position is slightly lower, but I can’t argue with a $44k+ profit.  I still hold a full position of roughly 140,000 in my long term accounts.  I continue to hold $SYNM and as you can see I’m into the green now!  My overall position on $SYNM remains very high, higher than my $NEP position.
Amazing how patience pays off when you’re holding a great play!  The “herd” has not found $SYNM yet, but I’m almost certain they will, just as they found $NEP $4 later…
On my next blog I’ll talk about the next stock that I’m building a very large position in….and the reasons why I like it.   



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