The Anatomy of a Trend Continuation Breakout (Winning Google Trade)

Trend Continuation Breakout

Every swing trader has heard the classic trading cliche “trade with the trend”. It’s the “easy” trade because the market tries to keep momentum stocks moving. As Sir Isaac Newton said, “objects in motion say in motion.”

It’s great advice, but it’s also easier said than done.

How do you actually trade with trend, and what setups work best for trend trades?

Trading the Setup

A good swing trader has a toolbox of setups and like a good carpenter, who knows which tool to pullout for a specific job. Trading is no different. One of my favorite setups when riding a momentum trend is the trend continuation breakout.

Once you have the setup, you need to know how to apply it.

In today’s video, I show you the exact way to trade this setup using our recent winning GOOGL trade. Trade Report members were alerted to this trade in real time.

You will learn how to:

  1. Analyze the market trend
  2. Identify the momentum stocks that are moving
  3. Entry strategy for trend continuation breakouts
  4. Profit taking strategy and targets
  5. Understanding round number resistance

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