How to Aggressively Trade Earnings Breakouts For Quick Profits (RRGB Winning Trade)

earnings breakouts

Aggressive Earnings Breakouts

I always thought you had to wait to trade earnings breakouts.

That’s because I am a pattern trader and focus on technical analysis.

Patterns take time to develop.

However, over the years I have become adept at “gaming” moves by entering specific earnings breakouts on the day the stock breaks out.

Let’s be clear, I don’t do this with all the earnings breakout stocks that make my watchlist.

In fact, out of the 200 plus earnings breakouts that made my watchlist this earnings season, I only entered on the day of the breakout 7 times. However, the success rate is high because we focus on key traits that up the odds that these stocks will run right away.

Basically, I am patient, but when the opportunity strikes, I attack this setup.

The RRGB Trade: 5 Key Elements You Will Learn

In today’s video, I will outline the aggressive earnings breakout trade with recent winner RRGB. You will learn how to increase the odds of success when aggressively trading earnings breakouts without a pattern setup. Specifically, you will learn:

  1. The importance of the squeeze
  2. How to analyze explosive volume
  3. Analyze target levels
  4. The ideal hold time
  5. The type of stocks that work best

Now that you’ve watched this video, put the lessons into practice. The next time you see a breakout that fits the aggressive entry profile, go ahead and take a paper trade or low risk real trade and see how you do.

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