The Advantages of Working From Home (or Anywhere You Want)

The Advantages of Working From Home
The drive, the carpeting, the cafeteria, and the boredom; sometimes working from the office can rough. Fortunately, numerous occupations and technologies are turning the working world on its head and providing new opportunities for the homebound entrepreneur. From control over your environment to time spent with family, telecommuting is the solution to numerous workplace woes.


If you’ve ever been a commuter (as many of us have), you know how helpless a regular job can seem. Your hours, your route, your pay, and your pension are all determined for you, and that can wear an individual down over time. Working from home liberates you from virtually all of those frustrations, requiring only occasional collaboration with co-workers to get the job done. For the roving worker, a laptop and an Internet connection are more than just tools, they’re lifelines.


Life changes every day, and no two days are the same. Unfortunately, a traditional work schedule is less than accommodating of this fact. That’s where the remote worker has a distinct advantage. Need to run an errand? Do so. Need a quick break? Grab one. The ability to write your own schedule is one you likely won’t take for granted any time soon.  This is the huge one for me. Being able to be anywhere anytime is a monster.  This past year alone I have traded in costa rica, san diego, key west , mexico, nicaragua, new orleans.  You just cant beat it!

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You know that co-worker that continually wants to talk about The Bachelorette? What about the annoying buzz of that light above your desk? When you’re safely ensconced in your home, those troubles are a mile away. The noise level, lighting, temperature, and TV show are all within your control, which means finding your optimum productivity on any given day, and no talk of Will and Grace re-runs.


If you’re a workaholic, as most ambitious individuals are prone to become, you know how hard it can be to find time for your family. When meeting the bottom line requires working your fingers to the bone, family is often the first casualty. Not so when they’re in the next room. Take the kids to school, have lunch with your wife, and enjoy the company of your loved ones, all while turning time into profit.  Pretty much everywhere I have gone this year I have dragged my parents, my sister, and my best friends.

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With so much of your work circumstances within your control, it’s easy to understand why at-home workers enjoy a plethora of productive hours. The fact is, everyone’s productive psyche is different, rendering a desk job an unfair disadvantage for the differently wired. Instead, remote workers get to travel to their favorite coffee shop, enjoy a brief break now and then, and play smooth jazz if that suits their fancy, helping them find greater efficiency and greater work satisfaction.  This is huge for me. I tend to be really active and productive in the early mornings and late at night so typically around noon i stop working I go to the beach , hang out with friends then get back to work once the sun goes down.


Hours spent twiddling your thumbs are hours of little value. Whether you’re salaried or hourly, remote work offers the opportunity to fill the downtime with optional side projects, including the extremely profitable day trading. With only a little investment in time each day, those Angry Birds sessions can turn into big returns, making laptop-bound work a boon for those who appreciate money.  This is huge once you perfect your method in trading you can choose your income. If I need to make more money I make more trades or get larger in size in my best setups.  In the markets you soley are responsible for your income. There are no office politics or a snooty co-worker or a boss.  No matter how old or young you are doesnt matter. The color of your skin your social standing its all meaningless.  Only you are responsible for your results and you cant beat that.


Working from home is more than just a chance to roll out of bed five minutes before clock-in, it’s a buffet of benefits that can help you become more productive and more profitable now. Whether you’re listening to background noise, spending time with the family, or just enjoying the luxury of a no-commute workday, you’ll find that telecommuting is the cure for the workplace blues.



Simple! Take our 60 day bootcamp course and be shaped and molded into a pro trader in just 3 months!  The benefits of this class are numerous. You start off with a month of intense live classes where you work through a coursebook along side of Kunal and learn everything that you need to know to be a full time trader (risk management, position sizing, go to setups, market analysis, and scanning). As we all know a classroom setting isn’t always the best place to learn, but it is the right place to start. For this reason we have expanded the advanced bootcamp and tacked on an additional two months of training. In the final month of the class you are put on a simulator where you begin to practice the things that you learned in class. As educators, we then provide feedback each day and critique your trades and make sure you are learning what you are doing wrong. In addition, during these 2 months of training, we do three live sessions a week going over trade reviews of trades that were placed that week, explaining exactly why we took the trade and why we exited the trade. (For me this was my favorite and the most beneficial part of the course.)

The other part of our advanced course that is extremely beneficial is the community of traders just like you that you get to communicate with week in and week out. As a class, you participate in forums each week where you can talk through your struggles and successes. Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. We believe this to be the key to success in this business. Working side by side with others towards the same goal will greatly speed up your learning curve and will improve your results tremendously.

Our next live class starts up March 25th, 2014. Email me for more information on this! It’s life changing!


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