A Few Monday Technical Setups

Hello, fellow Bulls.. here are a few stocks that I’ll be watching tomorrow.  I plan to stay nimble and not overly invest.. short term trades with an eye on the economic calendar… that’s my play.
FTWR – $.60 is a key resistance level for FTWR.  MACD, and Full Sto both aggressively moving bullsih with only price and RSI lagging behind.  A volume move through .60 could offer a good

CPF looks to be ready for a MACD bullish crossover and I like the oversold Full Sto level.  RSI is also oversold.  A break through $1 could open up the doors and have me quite interested in a swing.

QTWW – MA50 crossing MA20.  Would like to see a move through trendline resistance near $1.23 before entry.  First target $1.4

GTXI had a nice day on Friday.. now testing $3.5 with plenty of upside.  Not a bad swing trade here with MACD crossing 0.  Safest approach would be to wait on the move through $3.55 before swinging.

IMMU – Ryno coil special – This baby is about to move.. could break through MA20 to the upside for a nice long entry swing, or could fall below 3.35 for a quick collapse.  I’ll wait for confirmation either way.

MWA – bounced off horizontal support (back 6 months) at 4.35.  Not a bad swing here. Confirmation if it moves above MA20. 5.75 target.

LIZ tends to be influenced by MA150. Sitting on it now.  Good consumer confidence / spending numbers this week could turn LIZ into a nice swing from here.

RRI – watching RRI to see if it can move through MA200.  If so, I’m long.



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