Here are a few stocks I’m eyeballing tomorrow for possible scalps or short term long swings:
EEE – This stock has really had it rough over the last few month, but we’re finally seeing a setup.  I’m long over MA20 with tight stop under.

ZHNE – I like this chart – Notice the touch and bounce off of MA200 with improving MACD and Full Sto.  I like a swing here with a .42ish entry long.


PEIXA big ol pennant.  I tend to like these for scalps (not necessarily swings).  Some momo could pop it to to 1.00 intraday, then back down in the afternoon. Quick feet here.

LNG – 2.20 and MA 50 resistance.  Looking for breakout.. not playing until i see it.

MGI – Struggled to move out of descending channel, but still worth watching with improving MACD and Full Sto. May have found support on MA200

CLRTchart – I like a few things here.  Key is going to be a move through MA20 and some volume.  Play for me… swing above MA20, then watch for strength and exit . Target to fill gap up to 3.
CSE – Nice triangle forming here with tightening bollinger bands.  Watch for volume move through top of trendline resistance – MA100 possible second level resistance.

ZTR – This is a breakout momo setup for a possible scalp tomorrow. Looking for entry under 3.9.  2 1/2 average volume toda



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