Sorry for the lack of details here – trying to get something out before I fall asleep at my keyboard.  The news will obviously set the tone in the morning, but here are a few long setups just in case we magically get some good numbers.
Side note: Before I knock these out, the data currently coming out from around the world is generally negative. Japan, in particular put out some nasty production numbers.  Can’t wait to see what Ben says tomorrow.. read between the lines – look for stuff like “we’ll get involved if we need to”, etc. etc.
OK, back to some BULLISH stock picks – keeping it positive tonight 🙂
DNR – Testing trendline resistance on increasing volume and bullish MACD/RSI14
HERO – Just looks good here.  I like the volume and strong RSI14. Check out the chart below.. HERO stalled today at 23.6% Fibonnaci Retracement and horizontal resistance.  However, volume was good and the energy is there.  Look for a move through tomorrow.
 NE – Channeling up and finishing at 50% Fibonacci Retracement.  Look for a continuation up tomorrow for possible swing long to SMA200 (37.10).
PKD – Testing horizontal resistance at 4.40 range. Needs volume, but a move through 4.40 could open the doors for a nice swing.
CXO – Currently in a big ol rising wedge.  Rising wedges are generally bearish, so be careful.  There are two ways to play this.. wait for it to get back to SMA50 (purple) and then confirm it holds trendline (bottom of wedge).. if it doesn’t, possible short.  The second way to trade is get in while in uptrend and look for continuation of overall upward momentum.  It could just as easily break out of top of wedge as it could bottom.  We’re playing in the middle right now, but you can’t ignore the upward strength overall. 
SU – Today was the best day to enter SU after it confirmed bounce off of bottom of triangle with volume.  Might be a continuation play up through 33.20.  Swingable as long as it stays in triangle. This is the kind of stuff we need to find a day earlier.
END – Nice looking triangle. Looking for a breakout above.. Some resistance at 1.32, but looks pretty good.
Others to watch:
NR above SMA50 to regain swing channel back up.
F – auto sales numbers reported on Friday.. This is one to watch. 



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