Made a few trades today as the SPX  approached 1150.  I stayed heavy in cash through lunch and luckily avoided the afternoon sell-off.

  • CPE – out 1/2 position for 2.3% gain
  • BIOF   – entry at 2.02 this morning. Sold 1/2 at 2.17 and the second 1/2 at 2.22.  Made good money here (8.2% gain), but left a lot on the table.
  • NANO – exit second 1/2 position today for nice gains.
  • FCX  – shorted at 86.44 – still holding.. a little upside down right now. Definitely a risk trade.  I expect gold to continue up this year, but am looking for a pullback this week.  We’ll see.
  • FSII   – in 2.77. Still holding.
  • RAS  – out 1.56 for 4% gain.  I left soooooo much money on the table today between RAS and BIOF.
  • BRCD   – stopped out today for 3% loss

A look at today’s intraday SPX chart.



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