Another down day in the market just as predicted.. seems like we are still headed back for that 1425 level on the spx before the next bounce. We had some nice trades in the boom room today with $518 in gains.. plus our overnight short $pphm is getting killed after hours trading in the 1.2’s! Here is a look at the trades from today and tomorrow’s hot stocks

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MPEL- nice flag that is forming in down market.. use 20dma as support

SNTS- still watching that breakout level

CRY- parabolic short watch

RDN- love this chart.. watching for a break of that trendline

SRI- possible snapback.. oversold and looks like the selling is done. hammer candle

LPHI- r/g move

NIHD- breakout watch

CAMP- looks liek it might want more tomorrow.. watching for break of resistance

MAS- bounce watch

PRAN- bounce watch








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