Morning folks. We are up for a busy week today. Opex is over. We have numerous economic data points set to release. We should  get an idea of where the trend is going for the market. futures are gapping up slightly. Oil is flat right now with Nat Gas ($ung) down nearly 2% premarket.
We are at the top of the trading range till that range breaks so lets be wary of that. We are entering a season of historically tough trading months so we need to keep that in our back pocket. I am still in bear market trading mode right now. Will not add any big swings till we break over the top of the range on the SPX 1131 ish and close there.  for now mostly daytrading or 1 day overight swing trades.
key levels to watch SPX 1131 top of range
SPX 1116 200dma
we are pinballing between these. A break of 1 is on the way.



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