9/18 hot stocks

We got a nice pullback in the markets.. we were getting a bit extended so a few days of pullback is expected. Seems to be a healthy sign for the markets thus far. Today was quite boring besides the sell off in crude that happened out of the blue! We still managed to pull out a nice day in the boom room with $805 in gains. Here is a look at the trades and a few stocks I am watching for tomorrow:

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NTE- break over 11 is the spot

WFR- flagging under 200dma.. love the chart

REGI- watching for second day move

GAME- nice chart.. breakout watch

GTAT- love this chart.. basing under 200dma

SKUL- ipo breakdown on watch.. might be basing for breakdown

SWHC- braekout at 11

CLSN- appears to be resing for a move higher.. on watch for break of this flag

FOSL- gap fill and breakout at 93.66

still watching $gmcr flag and $yelp for bust out

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  1. Would you take a lookat $CRPX…catalyst in a couple of weeks and may start a run into that. Interested in your thoughts based on the chart? Thank you!


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