9/14/2010 Portfolio Update

Out of fear that we may be done climbing, I slimmed out my positions a little bit today and am holding more cash than Monday.
AMCC – out for break even.. That was bad trade management on my part. The chart is still holding bullish pattern and there were better exit points for me today – ran out the exit door too quickly.
GAP – 3.58 long // exit 1/2 at 3.80 and 1/2 at 3.98 – Great trade. Thanks Kunal!
THQI – 3.57 long swing // exit 1/2 at 3.70   and 1/2 at 3.73 – Good swing.
ENER – 5.09 long // exit 5.00.  Took a loss here.  I was looking for an SMA100 breakout that never happened.
BEE – 3.99 // exit 4.06.  I just got tired of watching this one. Yes, that’s not a good trading technique, but I wanted to move on – it just didn’t feel like it had the energy.
SOLR – made 3.5% gain on swing from last week.
I also played TZA a few times in and out for some good gains.  I play TZA/TNA in the background all the time now on general market directional moves.
Current positions:
PAL  – 3.76 long
ATPG – 2.15 long
KKD – 4.42 long
Late buy (after market):  added VGZ at 2.05 – I can’t explain the huge sell-off, so I’m hoping for a little pop in the morning.



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