9/13/2010 – Portfolio Update

Hello.  Sorry I had to leave the boom factory early today.  Something came up that I wans’t able to avoid.  Anyway, here is a quick update on my Monday trades.
NXG – long 3.14   //  exit 3.24
AMCC – long 11.29 just above SMA50.  I liked this play because of the general trend up (higher lows) off SMA100 and the setup for possible MACD positive cross.  If the market continues up, I’m looking to swing this to 12.50.
EXTR – long 3.01   // exit 3.04    
I didn’t like the volume, so I moved out of this trade for a few pennies.
THQI – long 3.57  on consolidation down with improving MACD (divergence).  I probably would have sold just before the close if I was available, but instead am holding until tomorrow. Nice late afternoon pop.
ATPG – long 12.15 .  I’m a little disappointed in this one.  Thought we might see a move through SMA100 tomday.  I’m down a little and not likely to hold tomorrow unless we see some morning strength.
BEE – long 3.99 . Looks like BEE might be trying to come out of this consolidatino pattern.  Finished pretty good today, but we have MA50 resistance and horizontal resistance at 4.  I’ll sell here tomorrow if we can’t bust through.
KKD – long 4.42 .  I love the volume here and am looking for a breakout above last week’s high.
All and all, it wasn’t a bad day considering I wasn’t around for 1/2 of it, but I feel that I’m in too many long positions at the top of the SPX trading range.  Hopefully this won’t hurt too much in the morning.
See you soon!



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