Alot of great looking setups out there.. all we need is some market movement to go along with it and we will be good to go. See you guys in the room tomorrow.. lets kill it. Also, I am doing a webinar tomorrow so if you got any questions email them to me so I can prepare some answers ahead of time and don’t fumble over my words!!

ANW- big breakout at 6, nice setup

DVR- coming off a bottom.. 1.75 seems to be the breakout spot 

GNK- bull flag after big runup.. resting for more

CLNE- been pretty weak relative to the market.. this might be the go to stock for a short if the market pulls back

MSPD- flagging, looking for more


OVTI- 15 dollar break and also 200dma

PHM- breakout watch

PPHM- breakout watch

UNTD- breakout over 5.45

AMED- 14 dollar breakout, tapped that level 2 times now

IDIX- bear flag, breakdown watch below 8

NR- breakout watch

GOL- chart is hot.. breakout watch










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