Morning folks.  futures gapping down slightly due to some bad jobs numbers (surprise suprise). Expect some weakness in the morning.  We will probably gap down through the 50dma.  The big number to watch is the SPX 1080 level.  That has been some minisupport.  Thats our best shot for a near near term bounce.  Markets overseas were a mixed bag with Japan up 1% and the rest of the major countries down slightly  Oil is firming up.  I will be watching the market and the support levels to determine if we bounce.  Remember all these economic data points are open to interepration.  Jobs Claims surprising to the upside to the tune of 12000 seems like its in the margin of error when ur talking about a number of 500000.
not many stocks on the list today. will play it by ear.
aria perked up. I like this over 3.50-3.55 range
 cml over 14.00, GOL ready for swingtrade now stop 13.20,
 TGA over 7.90 use a 50 cent stop,
TRS over 14.00
TRS could be a good swing they had a great earnigns beat those can continue for sometime if you are doing longer swings



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